curriculum vitae - Valentina Bozhkova


Name: Bozhkova Valentina Boncheva
Date of Birth:1956
Birthplace: Tryavna, Gabrovo district
Office Address: 4004 Plovdiv, Ostromila 12 str. Fruit Growing Institute (FGI)
tel: +359 32 692349, fax: +359 32 670808, mobil. tel. +359 876339044
Agrarian University, Agronomy faculty, 1980.
(PhD)-1991- Higher Testimonial Committee at the Council of Ministers, Sofia, Bulgaria, title of PhD thesis: “Agro biological evaluations of myrobalan cultivars and forms”.
Professor – 2014.
Previous Experience:
Deputy Director, Fruit growing Institute –Plovdiv, since 2012;
Deputy Head Department, Breeding, genetic resources and biotechnology, Fruit growing Institute –Plovdiv, 2008-2012;
Major Fields of Scientific Research:
stone fruits, genetic resources, breeding, Plum pox virus
Membership in Scientific and/or Professional Institutions, Bodies, and Organizations:
Federation of the Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria,
Prunus group of ECPGR

Participation in expert groups, councils and other activities related to the agricultural science and practice development
Member of Scientific Council at the Fruit Growing Institute – Plovdiv-since 2001;
Member of the Scientific Expert Commission on Fruitgrowing at the Agricultural Academy, 2006-2012;
Member of Council for evaluation of agrotechnologies at the Agricultural Academy, 2006-2008;
Member of Specialized Scientific Council viticulture, fruit and vegetables
at HAC, 2004-2006;
Key expert and lecturer in courses under the SAPARD program for the training of farmers in "Perennials - orchards, vineyards and berry.", Fruit Growing Institute – Plovdiv,2007.
Member of Scientific committee at II Balkan Fruit Symposium, 2011

Foreign Languages :

 Language Reading   Speaking Writing 
 English  very good  very good  very good
 Russian  very good  very good  very good

1. SharCo, 7FP, 2008-2012 – participant, coordinator of FGI team;
2. Seed transmission of PPV, bilateral Bulgaria-Romania project, 2005-2007, coordinator;
3. Micropropagation of rootstocks of apple and stone fruit and strawberry varieties for the production of certified plant material, bilateral Bulgaria-Macedonia project, 205-2007, participant;
4. Training on organic production of fruits ECOTRA-Bulgaria, , Bulgaria -Belgium project, 2007-2009, participant;
5. Genetic resources of fruit trees resistant to biotic and abiotic stress factors, bilateral Bulgaria-China project, 2006-2008, participant;
6. MARS –Marker Assister Resistance to Sharka , 7Fp – 2014-2015, – participant, coordinator of FGI team
Participation in editorial boards: “Scientific Papers of the R.I.F.G. Pitesti”,Romania
“Scientific Papers of the USAMV, Bucharest, Romania