in vitro lab

Laboratory and Glasshouse complex for in vitro production of planting material 

The Fruit Growing Institute – Plovdiv’s laboratory for in vitro production of planting material has been established in 1985.
It is the only laboratory for commercial propagation in the country, concentrated mainly on rootstocks, some cultivars, subtropical crops, soft fruit crops, decorative and other species. 
The complex owns the necessary equipment for its activity and consists of a Depot-Isolator for the growing of the mother plants, virology and micro propagation laboratories, a glasshouse where the in vitro created plants are being adapted to in vivo conditions, as well as fields for further growing of the planting material before its commercial realization. The laboratory-glasshouse complex ensures the obtaining of authentic, virus-free plants via vegetative propagation. All this represents an obligatory link in the technology for production of certified planting material. 

On a contract basis the Institute produces:


► For Apples- М9, М26, М27, ММ106;
► For Peaches- GF 677
► For Cherries, Plums, and Apricots

Soft Fruit Species 

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From left to right : Biologist Maria Nenova, lab assistants – Nadejda Kornova, Ana Todorova, Mima Stancheva, Ruska Raikova;
Working in the Laboratory
Micro-plants in the growth chamber

 Adapted micro-plants after being planted in a glasshouse

  Moving the adapted plants to the open field
Further growing of the micro-propagated plants